How does pick and pack work?

Running an efficient warehouse is a crucial component to make sure that our clients – and ultimately their customers – get the best possible service. We pride ourselves on the slick operation of our warehouse. But how does the pick and pack process work?

An optimised warehouse

Warehouses are efficiently organised into zones, so staff know exactly where goods are. We take a logical approach to organising where items are located to minimise how much our pickers move around the floor, making their job more efficient so that items can be delivered to the end-customer on time. Often, these are simple measures, such as putting frequently picked items nearest to the packing station and locating items that are often bought together next to each other on the shelf.

Continual improvements

The products stored in warehouses can change regularly. New models arrive, old ones are sold off and there can be surges in demand for items depending on the time of year, weather, and marketing campaigns. Staying tuned-in to what’s going on in the warehouse and adapting product locations to make things more efficient is part of keeping the pick and pack process running like clockwork. So, when an order arrives, items for pickers are in the most sensible place for a speedy service.

Sensible packing

Once an order is picked, it’s time to pack. It’s important to package items safely, especially breakables. But over-packaging can be problematic, both environmentally and in terms of packaging and postage costs. It can also be frustrating for the customer if their package is not easy to open. With all this in mind, our staff package items appropriately and according to each client’s specification. Then the goods are shipped to reach the customer on time. We usually don’t see them again, but we also manage the returns process for some clients, operating the pick and pack process in reverse to re-stock the returned items and processing return payments.

Stock control

We keep a close eye on inventory so our clients can always have access to the most up-to-date stock information. We know exactly what’s leaving the warehouse and what’s coming back.

RT Page offer 3PL and pick and pack services to ensure the needs of businesses big and small are met. To find out more about supply chain management contact us today or call us on 01903 736300.

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