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The need for speed: the increasing shipping demands of online shoppers

As the trend for online shopping shows no sign of abating, customers are getting more demanding when it comes to how long they’re prepared to wait for their orders and how much they’re willing to pay for delivery.

Customers are getting more impatient

Retailers are under more pressure than ever to offer fast delivery options at attractive prices, or for free. A 2016 Consumer Shipping Survey of US consumers by AlixPartners LLP showed that in 2012, consumers expected to wait an average of 5.5 days for free delivery. Now they only expect to wait 4.8 days, with those who are willing to wait more than five days declining from 74% to 60%. The report states, “Customers’ demands for faster delivery of goods they’ve ordered online will likely persist, if not grow even louder. To remain relevant, more and more retailers may understandably decide to offer next-day and same-day delivery.” Urban shoppers are now getting accustomed to same-day delivery, receiving their goods within a few hours of ordering. However, retailers must live up to their shipping promises or they’re at risk of frustrating and alienating their customers.

Increasing demand for free delivery and delivery choices

Free delivery is fast becoming a must-have, forcing retailers to look at their margins to keep up with increasing consumer expectations and the cost of shipping. When asked if free shipping impacts the decision to order online, and overwhelming 97% of respondents said that it did. A choice of shipping options, including express options, is becoming more important to consumers. Over half of the survey respondents reported that they considered the available delivery options when they were shopping.

The future growth of e-commerce

Unsurprisingly, online sales are driving the growth of total retail sales, jumping from about 0.5% of the total in 2000 to almost 7% in 2015. In the AlixPartners’ survey, about half of the respondents said they order something online at least once every month. With this trend set to continue, retailers need to be ready to get the goods to customers as quickly as possible.

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