Unsuccessful deliveries can lead to customer dissatisfaction and time wasted by both parties in attempting to sort out redelivery, cancelling orders and refunds. But by implementing the following improvements in communicating with your customers along their purchasing journey, you can avoid all the pitfalls of unsuccessful deliveries.

Request their phone and email details

This allows you to send an order confirmation email with their order number on it. If your logistics department or supplier is properly equipped you will also be able to contact them via email or text to advise them as to the expected day and time of delivery, with the option to change the delivery slot. Being more flexible to suit your customer ensures they will be available to take delivery of their parcel.

Offer order tracking

This allows customers to track the status of their order, enabling them to adjust their plans and be available to take delivery of their order. And if they miss their delivery, they will be able to see where they need to go to collect it.

Have a customer phone line

A customer phone line or online chat facility service on hand are some of the best forms of communication. They give a human face to your business and can ensure customer satisfaction, even having the option available serves you well. Some customers shy away from electronic purchasing, but with the option of human interaction they are more likely to feel comfortable to buy. This online form of customer service also provides the opportunity to change the delivery time to ensure they are available to take delivery of their order.

Effectively communicating with your customers during the order fulfillment process improves your overall customer service, business reputation and customer satisfaction, increasing the chances of return purchases and creating loyal customers.

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