Warehousing is tricky whether you’re a new business or an existing one. Thinking you can save money by doing it yourself may prove fruitful in the short term, but could potentially lead to long term losses.

Small order volumes are easy enough to handle yourself, but do you have the knowledge to ensure orders arrive at their final destination and at the best price available? If your business is growing, order volumes are undoubtedly going to increase, which could lead to customer service levels tumbling.

Professional warehouse services companies deal with order fulfilment and distribution on a daily basis, and some have done so for many years. So your stock and business couldn’t be in safer hands. So how do you know when it’s time to move to an outsourced solution? Here are some key indicators:

• Order volumes increasing – Have you noticed an upward trend of orders over time? Any increase in orders, no matter how slowly or quickly, is one of the main alerts that it’s time to start thinking seriously about how your business will cope.
• Stock storage increase – This goes hand-in-hand with orders increasing. With a higher demand you’re going to need a larger supply of products to continue feeding those orders. If you don’t have the space a warehouse is the next option for you. Storage agreements can be flexible to match the demands of your business, meaning you only pay for what you use.
• Struggling without the support of a professional system – Is the system you’re currently using accurate and reliable? Many warehouses operate using a professional system, designed specifically to track orders throughout their warehouse ensuring nothing slips through the net. Usually this is open to their clients, meaning you will be able to keep a close eye on stock levels, the number of orders and track them.

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