How often have you decided against buying products online just because of the cost of shipping, unclear delivery times or an awkward returns policy?

Today customers want to save their time and money for products not postage and if you don’t meet their expectations you run the risk of losing sales and their loyalty.

What Customers Want

Free Shipping

Offering free or discounted shipping is always a great way to increase sales, customer satisfaction and returning customers.

  • 93% of shoppers have taken some form of action to qualify for free shipping e.g. searching for a promotional code. In fact 70% of customers were inclined to buy more products if it guarantees them free shipping.
  • More than half of customers who don’t qualify for free shipping or who find the cost of delivery is higher than expected will abandon their basket full of products.
  • Over 80% of shoppers are willing to wait for an extra two delivery days to save money on shipping, while 33% will wait five.

Delivery Tracking

Customers will sit on their hands a few extra days to save money but will still be wary of making a purchase if they can’t track their order or don’t have an expected time of arrival.

  • 60% of people say an estimated or guaranteed delivery date is important
  • 40% want to be able to keep track of their delivery either on the retailer’s website or by email or text notifications
  • 79% are satisfied if they could track their order

Clear and Convenient Returns

A clear returns policy can lead to recommendations and recurring business from online shoppers. The clarity and convenience of a returns policy can affect a customer’s decision both before and after purchases.

  • 63% of customers look at the returns policy before they making a purchase
  • 62% of shoppers expect a returns label and an automatic refund if they return a product after purchase
  • 66% say paying for shipping is the biggest problem when returning goods

It is clear that shipping and returns policies are now major factors in a consumer’s decision whether to buy from a business in the first place and then become a returning customer.

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