Jack Frost has made a grand entrance this year and while the frosty mornings may make the world look pretty, frost and ice present potential issues that could affect your warehousing and supply chain. Even without adverse weather, Britain’s roads become busier at this time of year, as Christmas shoppers hit the high streets and millions of online purchases are trucked the length and breadth of the country to bring joy to their recipients.

The Christmas rush means it’s even more important that you’re prepared to deal with what the UK’s winter weather may throw at you. At RT Page we know that being prepared for harsh winters can prevent your productivity being affected.

Prepare for delays externally and internally
The snow and icy weather can wreak havoc with warehouse logistics, both internally and externally. Roads can become dangerous causing traffic to frequently build up or slow, or roads to be closed completely. These can result in delays or potentially cancelations of deliveries and ultimately unhappy customers. Delays and lack of productivity can also occur inside the warehouse if staff are unable to travel into work.

Prepare your customer communications
Ultimately, delays due to the weather may be unavoidable, so consider how you’re going to communicate delays and problems to your customers before it’s too late. Plan how you’ll alert customers that a delay is likely or has occurred and pre-empt an apology, possibly with an offer, such as money off their next order or refunding their delivery charge.

How did you manage to tackle issues such as delays last year, do you have any plans this year? With issues like lack of staff or customers not receiving their order on time, it is all about foreseeing potential problems and preparing for them in advance.
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