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Getting prepared for Christmas 2018

Getting prepared for Christmas 2018

For most retailers, Christmas is the most crucial time of the year. So while most of the UK are basking in summer sunshine, retailers are well and truly in Christmas mode, readying themselves for the big event a few months down the line.

Meeting surges in demands

Christmas brings a flurry of retail activity, with customers placing online orders earlier – and later – than ever. Meanwhile, they expect fast delivery and a high level of customer service that puts pressure on retailers to maintain standards. Careful planning and forecasting mean that customers stay satisfied, so it’s imperative for retailers to make sure they’re ready to meet the demands of the festive period and the spikes around Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Scaling up (then down again)

Overflow warehouses are sometimes required to manage demand, so retailers need to scale up their operations, but on a flexible basis to allow downscaling after the festive season in the most cost-efficient way possible. RT Page offers warehouse space that can be scaled to meet your needs and can provide much needed space during your business’ busiest time. It pays to be prepared – Christmas warehouse space gets booked up quickly.

Arranging transportation

It’s the busiest time of the year for the transportation network too, moving goods from ports to warehouses, then on to retailers and homes. And it takes careful planning from retailers to ensure that enough transport is booked to ensure that customers are not being let down. RT Page can help with transportation arrangements, ensuring a seamless service wherever your goods are coming from or going to.

Post-Christmas planning

Come Boxing Day, things don’t ease off straight away. Sale time kicks in, along with a surge of returns. Let RT Page take the strain, managing the busy returns period and keeping you informed of your stock levels all the while.

Christmas on your mind? Contact us now on 01903 736300 or info@rtpage.co.uk.

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