What are logistics industry insiders talking about?

The world that the logistics industry is operating in is constantly changing. Whether that’s assessing the role of drones or predicting the rise of fleet automation, there are seismic shifts that are keeping logistics folk on their toes to stay competitive.

But as we approach the midway point of 2018, what are the topics that industry insiders are chatting about?

Decisions driven by data

There’ll be more sensor and tracking innovations such as tracking shipments with RFID and GPS, meaning shipping is more efficient, transparent and automated. Armed with this knowledge, better decisions can be made about routing all along the supply chain – and that means less downtime and less uncertainty about judgements. What’s more, fleet management software can connect businesses to drivers, feeding back information about how they’re driving and giving decision makers intel as to where time and money savings could be made.

Changes in international trade

Shifts in the world’s political landscape mean that trade agreements are subject to enormous change. We don’t yet know the impact of Brexit and the way the UK will trade with Europe in the future. And over in the US, the Trump administration is reviewing many of their international trade agreements too. This means a period of uncertainty as details are thrashed out between governments – with the repercussions of their decisions, and what exactly the impact on the logistics industry will be, as yet unknown.

UK infrastructure investment

The UK road network is improving, and that’s only a good thing for the logistics industry. Better roads mean faster, more efficient and more reliable deliveries. We’re in the midst of the government’s five year £15bn Road Investment Strategy that kicked off in 2010, that aimed to improve connectivity, increase capacity and improve the condition of roads.

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