The way we work is changing – people moving away from traditional working patterns to go it alone and as a result we are seeing a boom in start-up businesses. For those choosing the entrepreneurial path, identifying exactly what that business will be is the first hurdle on a long path to start-up success.

The best start-ups of 2016

There’s a lot to learn from what’s worked and what hasn’t in the past. But what’s striking is the breadth of ideas and innovations that are successful.

Beyond app-based start-ups, some of the best rated start-ups of 2016 included US home juicing system, Juciero, and a super baby monitor that offers detailed sleep insights by Nanit. Zipline is a start-up that builds drones to make deliveries of lifesaving medical supplies to poorer parts of the world, initially in Rwanda. Dia&Co got a lot of attention for its plus-sized clothing subscription to deliver fashion for women to try on at home.

While the silver bullet as to exactly what makes or breaks a start-up is hard to identify, the common factor is they are all aimed to fulfilling what people need and want next.

The start-up business trends for 2017 identified industries that are ripe for exploitation in 2017, examining the trends of what’s up and coming. Dominating the list are niche food and drink products like exotically flavoured teas, African ingredients, sugar-free drinks, Mezcal – a sister liquor to tequila – and Japanese foods. Eco and green products also feature strongly, with a prediction for an increase in demand for pollution protection products, electric chargers for a surge in the electric car market, and innovations around food waste and recycling.

The challenges of being an entrepreneur in 2017

Although more start-up loans are being made than ever before, today’s changeable economic and political climate means more pressure on making smart and efficient decisions to protect new businesses from the challenges and uncertainties to come. New companies need to make sure they operate in the most efficient way possible, carefully assessing which areas to outsource to experts.

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