The insightful PWC Total Retail consumer survey for 2017 has been released and it makes compelling reading for all online retailers. PWC surveyed 24,000 shoppers in 29 territories for this comprehensive study.

Invest in your mobile site

35% of the global respondents said that their mobile or smartphone will become their main purchasing tool. But in the UK, 38% already buy products at least monthly via their smartphone. This is countered by the fact that 22% think that mobile sites aren’t easy to use – a significant indicator that retailers need to make sure that their mobile sites quick and easy to use.

Invest in talent

78% of shoppers said they want sales associates with a deep knowledge of the product range. And that’s not just in shops and showrooms, that’s instant ‘live chat’ facilties on websites to give shoppers immediate answers to their queries when shopping online. Retailers need to invest in recruiting great people and be dedicated to training them to ensure they are engaging with their customers successfully at the point of sale.

Invest in data insights, not just data collection

59% of the respondents want real-time personal offers designed especially for them. Consumers expect shops to know them and respond to them with offers that are tailored to them. So this means investing in mining your customer data to really figure out what makes them tick, and provide them with the best and most appropriate offers that’ll convince them to click ‘buy’.

Invest in more secure platforms

There have been some headline stories about serious customer data breaches in recent years. So it’s understandable that consumers are getting nervous about their information being stolen. Allay their fears by investing in secure platforms and protect your company and your reputation. The PWC survey found that 65% of global respondents fear their personal information will be hacked. That’s a figure worth taking seriously.

Invest in retaining loyal customers

Don’t let your most devoted customers slip away – after all, 61% are loyal. They know what they like and buy it most often, so make sure you keep their business with you. On the flip side, 39% like to try new products and will buy whatever seems new and different. So ensuring your marketing strategy balances the two is crucial to success.

Invest in logistics

Finally, and critically, online retailers need to make sure their logistics are seamless. Delivery needs to be efficient. Using the experts at RT Page can handle everything for you. To find out more contact us today or call us on 01903 736300.